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v3 B.O.B. Snap Poncho "Breathable Outdoor Basics" (Green)

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NOTE: Head Circumference over 29" will be a tight fit "depending on shape" , please see below chart on how to measure.  


NOTE: The v3 B.O.B. Snap poncho logo and bag has a miss print. It reads v3 B.O.B. Zip this is the name of my new Zip Poncho that you will find separately listed. 

Made out of Tyvek 1460C or "spunbonded Olefin" ultra soft material that blocks 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, is tear resistant, water resistant, and breathable. Its high durability to weight ratio makes it a great choice for the v3 B.O.B. Snap Poncho. 

The v3 B.O.B. Snap Poncho is a unique design that I developed that has wings as I call it, it  also takes elements from the tried and true rectangular poncho. Let me explain the reasons for the wings. The wings allow the poncho to drape down further on your arm to provide better arm coverage without the extra material of a large rectangular design. This cut also provides a better fit and less bulk when wearing it.  

However there is some costs to this design. Part of the main body of the poncho will be narrower then the typical rectangular design. This will obviously affect Ariel coverage if used as a tarp, but it does not make it useless as you can set up many other effective ground shelters.

The v3 B.O.B. Snap Poncho is designed to be light weight, breathable, portable and will keep you dry in the rainiest weather. It is flexible as It can be used as a poncho, ground sheet, or emergency shelter. 


  • Draw string hood 
  • Five button snaps on each side
  • Total of 10  grommet holes, one webbing with grommets in each corner, one in center, two on each wing
  • Zip collar with Velcro weather flap for added protection
  • All seams taped and sealed
  • The double snap configuration allows multiple ponchos to snap together for an improvised shelter. "phasing out"
  • Storage bag
  • Green outer color, reflective inside coating that can be used for singling or to use as a reflective shelter from the sun.

Improvements / changes from the v2 B.O.B poncho

  • Removed the internal waist draw string
  • Redesigned hood, head hole diameter is now up to 30" when unzipped, can accommodate wearing a baseball cap.
  • Wider by 2.5 inches on main body
  • Longer by 2.5 inches
  • four corners have webbing tie outs with grommets,

Easy to pack and very light. This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

editing --- 49.5(64" wing)*93.5” (125.7* '162.5" wing' * 237.5cm) Laid out flat / tarp

editing  -- 64*46.75” (162.5*119cm) Poncho 

8*5.5*2.5*” (20.3*13.9*6.35cm) Packed approx., depending on how it is packed.

editing -- weight 11.1oz (308g) without storage sack


Comparisons of the v1 to the v3 B.O.B. Poncho

v1 B.O.B.  replaced by the v3 B.O.B. Zipper poncho listed separately 

Length flat: 90"
Width "narrowest": n/a
Width "widest": 64"
Weight (non reflective): 311g
Weight (reflective): n/a
Coverage area (sq ft): 40.0 ft

v2 B.O.B.

Length flat: 93.5"
Width "narrowest": 49.5"
Width "widest": 64"

Weight (non reflective): 308g
Weight (reflective): 308g
Coverage area (sq ft):

v3 B.O.B.

Length flat: 96" 
Width "narrowest": 52"
Width "widest": 64"

editing ---Weight (reflective): 308g
editing --vCoverage area (sq ft): 


    NOTE: The B.O.B. Poncho is partly designed around the rectangular military design. It is not a replica and if you are looking for a replica of the Military Poncho to pair up with your old Military Poncho, this is not it.  


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