V4 Trifecta - Thermal BIVVY*Blanket*Canopy

$ 70.00

Combo deal: Order a V4 Trifecta and add a hybrid blanket and get 25% off of any hybrid blankets when purchased with a V4 Trifecta. 

NEW Version of the Trifecta! The V4. in Standard or XL. Here are the enhancements.

  • Zipper design has changed, this is the biggest change for the V4 Trifectas. This design change will allow the V4's to zip together with out any special connectors.  
  • Zipper pulls have also been upgraded. These pulls are much stronger.  
  • Seam taping along zipper edge is no longer necessary. Instead we are using a new type of thread that will greatly improve the water proof effectiveness of the bivvy.
  • The V4 Trifecta will be coming in two sizes, the standard and an XL version. The XL version will have an additional 4 tie out loops for a total of 13.  
  • Storage sack will be a little larger for easier packing.
  • The standard Trifecta will be slightly wider  
  • Redesigned zipper reduces load on material when setup in tarp mode
  • Redesigned zipper allows Trifecta to lay completely flat when fully open. 


The V4 TRIFECTA  is specifically designed for flexibility. It can be used as a Thermal Blanket, a BIVVY, or a Canopy. 

Made out of Tyvek 1460C or "spunbonded Olefin" ultra-soft material that blocks 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, is tear resistant, water resistant, and breathable. Its high durability to weight ratio makes it the perfect material for the Trifecta.

To start off, we made the standard Trifecta big measuring "36.2 inches (92cm)" by "87.7 inches (223cm)" in its zipped BIVVY configuration, and "72.4 inches (184cm)" by "87.7 inches (223cm)" in its unzipped Canopy/ Blanket configuration.

The XL version measures  "54 inches (137cm)" by "87.7 inches (223cm)" in its zipped BIVVY configuration, and "107.8 inches (274cm)" by "87.7 inches (223cm)" in its unzipped Canopy/ Blanket configuration.

Then we added two zippers with an inside and outside zipper for even more flexibility and ease of zipping the BIVVY once inside.  The inside has an aluminum coating to reflect back the radiant heat given off by one's body.

To finish it off, we added 9 tie down loops 3 on each edge and 3 center for the standard version and 13 tie down loops 5 on each edge and 3 center for the XL version. 

The Trifecta is designed to be light weight and portable to help keep you warmer and dryer.

The V3 TRIFECTA has many functions. A few are listed below. 

  • Alone as a thermal sleeping bag 
  • As a thermal BIVVY with a traditional sleeping bag
  • Improvised shelter 
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Tarp / Canopy
  • Emergency litter
  • As a reflective tarp "reflective side out" in hot climates to reflect the radiant heat from the Sun and help keep you cooler. 
  • New - Ability to zip together easily and without any adapters
  • New - Ability to have a screen zipped into the V4 Trifecta "Future screen coming" 

Easy to pack and very light. This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

36.2*87.7”   (92*223cm) BIVVY - Standard
54.0*87.7”   (137*223cm) BIVVY - XL

72.5*87.7”   (184*223cm) Canopy - Standard
107.8*87.7” (274*223cm) Canopy - XL

9.5*4" (-) Packed  - Standard
11.5*5" (-) Packed  - XL 

weight 14.8 oz (420g) - Standard 
weight 20.2 oz (575g) - XL

Note: When using the Trifectas tie outs, the material that the Trifecta is made out of has a max tensile strength of about 40 pounds.

I wouldn't recommend putting any more than 25 to 30 lbs. of constant tension on the tie outs. Also this material does not stretch. So when it fails there will be little warning or indication other than a few threads snapping. You can easily have a taut tarp with 10 to 15 lbs. of tension. 

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have shock cord on the tie outs to absorb accidental trips over lines, wind gusts etc. This is especially true with the XL version if using as a tarp. 

The temp rating on the Trifecta can be subjective and ranging depending if your using it all the way zipped up, in a hammock, your body type etc., I have continually gained 18 degrees Fahrenheit from the outside ambient air temperature, in my test the Trifecta was mostly zipped closed in temperatures ranging from 0f to 50f. For example if it's 45f outside then inside the Trifecta it should be about 63f

How to fold the Trifecta to easily fit the storage sack

International Shipping Rates and information

Note: The V4 Trifecta is water resistant. The main seam on the bottom is taped and the center tie out point, however the other tie out points are not. I feel there is little need to apply any further taping. If you would like to tape the rest of the tie out points I would suggest tenacious tape or a similar product. 


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