About Us


2GoSystems was born out of necessity, experience, heritage and a simple desire to help people avoid the pitfalls of trying to figure out what might be needed in case of an emergency and help with the overwhelming task of just getting the right gear for a backpacking trip.

2GoSystems goal is to provide smart, high quality gear that can be used for any situation, not just for emergencies. We made a system that can be used for both. There is no reason to have a garage full of heavy camping gear and then another set of “OK gear” or “just in time gear” that may or may not work or even hold up. There is an old motto in the military: "Train with what you fight with." In other words, train with the gear that you’re going to use in an emergency so you know how to use it.

A little on where I come from: I was born in Alaska and lived there until my early 30’s. During the early years in my life, I never knew it but my parents were always prepared for the storms, power outages, etc. Most people had to be. I didn’t fully understand this until I got older. Then the stories that my parents told started to make sense.

Those stories were about the great 1964 earthquake that hit Alaska. This is still very fresh in my parents’ minds to this day. They, along with 3 of my older brothers, rode out the 9.2 earthquake that shook for over 5 minutes straight. This incredible event had impacted my parents and altered the way they would be prepared.

Their preparedness has shaped my life as well as 24 years in the military. I never felt the need to prepare while I was in the military as I had vast amounts of resources and gear. There is also an unwritten rule that you and your family would be taken care of in the time of need. But, after retirement, I soon realized that my sanctuary was no longer there. .

I then felt woefully unprepared and knew I had some work ahead of me. So I started to gather equipment for myself and my family. I did that quite clumsily. I made many costly mistakes by just buying stuff for the sake of having it. After realizing this was not a good approach, I took my preparedness to a new level and thought out everything

methodically. I researched everything from differences in how hand warmer packs are packaged to the benefits of different fabrics and water proofing.

Now, after 5 years, I decided to start 2GoSystems to help others become prepared for unforeseen emergencies or to just enjoy the beautiful outdoors with a weekend out backpacking.

I have strived to deliver a cost effective system. I have designed, hand-picked and tested each item to my stringent requirements and satisfaction.


2GoSystems is located in beautiful Dover, New Hampshire