My Stance on Reviews

February 06, 2018

My Goal is to be transparent on the capabilities of my products. I'm a pragmatist in many ways but I also like to innovate and stretch the boundaries of the current gear think.  

The video reviews on the site are basically searched for and linked to provide an area for anyone interested in my products to check out someones experiences or opinions of my products. 

I will put negative reviews up here as well as long as it's objective. I however will not place anything that is solely for bashing without an objective mindset. 

I do provide some people with discounted / free gear in exchange for a review.  These  people usually have a very large following on you tube. However I am adamant that the review be critical, honest and fair. I do not want someone to "do me any favors" and post something that is not true or bends the truth in my favor. 

The reason for this is simple. I cannot improve and address issues unless there is  real data or feedback.