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NEW ITEMS! ARC BIVVY, R.E. Cover v2 , Reflex Survival Shelter

Up & Comming

NEW! -- Introducing the ARC Bivy this is a replacement for the Velar but with many upgrades --

NEW! -- R.E. Cover V2. This is the same old tried and true R.E. Cover with a second reflective layer to help slow radiant heat loss. Multiple sizes to fit just about any sleeping pad. --

NEW! -- A Reflective Survival shelter / tarp --

Stay tuned, more great products coming soon!

Trifecta XL

NEW! -- More stock has arrived! --

The Trifecta XL can be used as a very large Bivvy or as a light weight solo tarp measuring 7.3' x  8.9' with 13 nylon tie outs.  Weighting in a 575 g or 20.2 oz