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September 25, 2015

Q & A, Specifications

Questions and Answers:

Q: Is the Trifecta completely water proof?
A: Not completely, It's water resistant and we've done our best to keep the water out by adding a water resistant zipper, storm flap, taped seams etc. Weak points are mainly the water resistant zipper. A truly water proof zipper would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 80.00+ per Trifecta for the zipper alone.

Q: Is the 1460c Tyvek water proof?
A: It is by many standards as it's Hydrostatic Head pressure rating is about 1300mm. Material is considered to be water proof if it's over 800mm. Typical tent fabric is about 2000mm when new. High end tents usually state 5000mm when new. With time or washings the Hydrostatic Head pressure rating will diminish greatly in most fabrics, Nylon, Cuban Fiber, etc. Tyvek Hydrostatic Head pressure will not diminish over time or with washings. This is a good resource on other Hydrostatic Head pressure measurements of various material.

Q: Is the Trifecta breathable?
A: Yes it is, it is rated with a vapor Transmission ASTM E‐96 Method B  >800 g/m2  24 hours. The Trifecta has about 4 meters of fabric so that would give it the capability to move 3200g of vapor in a 24 hour period. The typical person gives off about a liter or 1000g of vapor a day through the skin and breathing.

Q: Will I get condensation in the Trifecta?
A: Tough question, short answer is maybe as any shelter will. There is so many variables, depends of outside temperature, humidity, how much dampness is in your clothes or the Trifecta etc. I personally only get a very small amount "a light film" when I'm fully zipped up in the Trifecta.

Q: What are your recommendations if I have condensation?
A: I like to have both zippers at my face level, This way I can vent if I feel the need to or get out without reaching over my head. I would vent the Trifecta this way if the condensation seemed to be getting to bad.

Q: What is the temperature rating of the Trifecta?
A: I have repeatedly gained 18 degrees Fahrenheit in every temperature test that I have done with the Trifecta. For example if it's 30f ambient outside temp, it would be 48f in the Trifecta.

Q: Would you use an external heater in the Trifecta to keep it warmer?
A: NO! don't do that. The risk of harm or death by carbon monoxide poisoning, fire etc is real and it should never be use in the Trifecta.

Q: What about disposable hand warmers to help heat the Trifecta?
A: Yes, I've used the typical natural "Iron, carbon, salt" component hand warmers in the Trifecta and have found that 2 increased the inside temperature by 1.5 degrees over time.

Q: Why does the reflective material help keep me warm?
A: There is three ways to loose heat, Convection, Conduction and Radiation. Convection is when air movement flows over an object and wicks away heat. Conduction is when heat/cold is transferred through one object to another object. ie. cold ground into your body. The heat and cold is trying to equalize. Then we have Radiation, this is where most heat is lost and gained.  What happens is our bodies give off infrared energy, it normally just goes into our furniture,  other object then into space etc. What the Trifecta does with it's aluminum coating is help slow this process by reflecting the infrared energy back onto you. The whole point of any kind of insulation is to slow the process of all three, Convection, Conduction and Radiation.

Q: Why did you make the Trifecta fully unzip?
A: Well I like multifunctional equipment, The Trifecta primary function is a BIVVY, but if you need a tarp you have one,  for example to shelter from the hot Sun. Also my main focus was to have the ability to use as an emergency blanket. If you or another person gets hurt as there is a high possibility the injured person will be immobile.  You could then unzip and tuck the Trifecta around them to keep them from going into shock and help manage the situation in a smarter way.

Q: It's difficult to get the Trifecta back into it's stuff sack?
A: It's a STORAGE sack, don't stuff as it will rip. Just lay flap mostly zipped up, but leave about a foot gap in the zipper for air to get out and following the folding and rolling instructions on this page or the card that came with your Trifecta.

Q: Can you make an XL version?
A: Maybe, I'm looking for feed back now so feel free to email me it will cost more, not getting around that as material costs will be more.

Q: Can the Trifecta be used with a Hammock?
A: You bet, tons of people use the Trifecta and have gotten wonder results with it.

Q: Can the Trifecta be used as a POD system with a Hammock?
A: You bet, but you will need a Trifecta connection kit to facilitate this. I included a drawing below to give you an idea how it would work.

How to use the TRIFECTA as a POD for a Hammock

Red – normal zipper Red dotted section – Indicating the zipper area where the connection kit is
Yellow Squares – Trifecta Zipper pulls
Blue Squares – The connection kit zipper pulls, one will act as a stop the other the pull to close the zipper.
Green – Trifecta
Black – Line / Hammock


How to fold a TRIFECTA 

This diagram will show how to fold the Trifecta the most efficient, space saving way.



35.4*87.7” (90*223cm) BIVVY

70.8*87.7” (180*223cm) Canopy

9.5*4” (24*10cm) Packed

weight 15.5 oz (440g)


Tyvek 1460c that has been aluminized 

Zipper #5 nylon coil water resistant rubber coated one side on polyester tape

The Zipper is rubber coated  #5 coil it is very strong but will still go around the corners, #5 means its 5mm wide when closed. It’s a double slider (2) zippers with an inside / outside pull. The zipper is stitched at each end of the fold of the bag and run the entire perimeter of it. The bag in the open position would home each of the two zippers to each end of the bag. The bag in the closed position could home each of the two zippers anywhere along the zipper ie. top, middle, bottom or in a vented position. Ie. 1 foot apart to open a vent anywhere along the bag.





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