R.E. Cover - Radiant Enhanced Pad Cover

$ 30.00

The R.E. Cover meaning "Radiant Enhanced Cover"

NOTE: Inflatable or Closed cell pad NOT Included

NEW: The v2 version of the R.E. Cover has the same tried and true functions as well as a second reflective layer inside facing towards the body to help slow heat loss. The v2 also comes in a variety of size to fit nearly any pad on the market including the KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad i.e. the 47x77 inch R.E. Cover model. 

Improvements over the v1
- second layer of reflective material
- more sizes

The R.E. Cover was specifically designed to address the following four shortfalls in the Sleeping Pad arena.

1st) Why does one need multiple sleeping pads for difference seasons? I do agree that some of the top on the line Inflatable pads are quite good but they still use very similar principals as previous generations. Basically they trap air and some have reflective baffles to radiate the heat back to your body. With the R.E. Cover you can convert nearly any pad into a reflective pad and add insulation at the same time. 

2nd) To add more protection to the sometimes delicate inflatable sleeping pads. The R.E. Cover will help keep that expensive Inflatable pad inflated.

3rd) This might be the best reason for some, It will allow you to customize you pad with different insulating materials,(e.g. being leaves to your favorite wool pad) The options are endless. The R.E. Cover will keep them all contained .

4th) I think this is one of my favorite reasons. Currently there are few options to connect multiple pads together for couples who have a mutual outdoor enthusiasm, So you either have to bring a heavy duty 10-pound inflatable mattress that is bulky, heavy and really not a viable option or strap together pads with nylon straps.

These solutions are just no good. So I have created a R.E. Cover Dual. This will allow two similar size pads for example 72 x 20 to be inserted and used with no chance of moving, flipping up or finding yourself on the ground between the two pads. This way you can use your existing lightweight inflatable pads to make a double pad for you and your partner.

  • Reflective Aluminum on top side of cover to reflect the radiant heat in cold climates
  • Non Reflective on bottom, allows you to flip over the pad and use this side in warmer climates
  • Simple Velcro closure at one end
  • Allows for multiple pads for example a 3.25" inflatable and .75" foam or use your own insulation up to  4" thick
  • Added protection for your inflatable pad
  • Will hold the walls of your pad together to help from squishing out
  • The 1460c Tyvek is made out of Olefin basically Thinsulate and will add another degree of insulation
  • The cover can be washed and line dried in case of a muddy adventure
  • The R.E. Cover dual will allow multiple pads to combine into one pad for couples or more pad room
  • "v2 version" Reflective Aluminum on top side of cover and bottom inside to reflect the radiant heat in cold climates

Made out of Tyvek 1460C or "spunbonded Olefin" ultra-soft material that blocks 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, is tear resistant, water resistant, and breathable. Its high durability to weight ratio makes it the perfect material.

Easy to pack, very light and can be compressed further as they are packed loosely into the storage bags.

Weight for Single:
47x20 - 4.1oz (118g)
72x20 - 5.6oz (161g)
72x22 - TBD
72x24 - TBD
72x25 - 6.7oz (191g)
77x22 - TBD
77x25 - 7.0oz (201g)
77x30 - TBD
77x47 - TBD

Weight for Dual:
72x20 - 11.3oz (321g)
72x25 - 13.3oz (379g)
77x25 - 13.9oz (395g)


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