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4mm Shock Cord with POM Tie End and Removable Hook

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4mm Shock Cord with POM Tie End and Removable Hook

  • 4mm high quality UV protecting, polyester bounded high pull shock cord
  • One end has a removable high strength POM removable hook
  • One end has a POM connector with a 5mm hole
  • 10.5"  (26.67cm) not including the hook
  • weight .388oz (11g) total with hook, removable hook it self is .105oz(3g)

Uses and Strength

These are custom designed shock cord ends to help off load some of the energy of high wind gust, accidental tripping over guide lines etc.

These were designed to work with the Trifecta if used in the tarp configuration or for light nylon, silicon nylon fabrics that may stretch or are light duty. This will help keep your tarps taunt and from ripping out the tie outs. These could also be used for heaver material if desired.

In my tests these will fail with constant pull force at about 50 lbs of tension at full elongation, at this point the POM hook will start to deform.  

The elastic pull of this shock cord is about ~23lbs.  This is the pull the shock cords will give you at there strongest pull point.

How to use, I would recommend pulling the shock cord about 1.5 to 2 inches taught, this should give it ample pull strength to keep the tarp tight without risking ripping out ties. This will also leave plenty of energy absorption if high winds or an unexpected trip up on your line. Ultimately you will have to figure out what is best for your configuration and environment.


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