Reflex Survival Shelter

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The REFLEX Survival Shelter came out of a collaboration effort with Wayne Russell of Kullcraven Bushcraft & Survival and 2Gosystems.  Wayne knowing that I work with mostly reflective material reached out to me to see if we could bring the REFLEX to life. After seeing Wayne's design and the unique capabilities that it offers, I jumped at the opportunity and we went to work to bring the REFLEX to market. 

Wayne's REFLEX design is thinking a little outside of the normal box for sure. Once I learned of the unique shelters that could be setup with little effort, I knew this would become a great offering that I could get excited about. 

We knew it had to be reflective as there is no reason not too use this capability, it  works just as well in the summer as the winter.

It's made out of .74g Reflective soft structure Tyvek. This shelter is the thickest of the 2GoSystems Tyvek line and offers more durability. The aluminized bottom coating, taped seams and 11 tie outs brings in a whole new level of options wile keeping it well in the light to carry category. 

The aluminized coated Tyvek enhances the thermal heating / cooling ability by either blocking radiant heat by reflecting it away from you in the summer time or capturing the radiant heat that is lost by you in the winter.

The REFLEX is designed to be a light weight innovative shelter will keep you dry and cooler in the summer, or hotter in the winter. 

The REFLEX has many functions. A few are listed below. 

  • As a traditional tarp  
  • As a thermal blanket
  • Super shelter
  • Ground cover
  • Hammock cover
  • Many more options "see pictures" 
Easy to pack and very light.

Sizes and weights 

14'4"*6' Point to Point  (428*183cm)
Packed weight: 18.45oz (523g )

Packed size: 4.5"x9" (11.5*23cm)

Note: The REFLEX is NOT fire proof. Always exercise extreme caution when using near any open flame or ignition source.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have shock cord on the tie outs to absorb accidental trips over lines, wind gusts etc. The Tyvek material is strong but it does not give. The tieout points have a maximum tension of about  40-50 lbs before the material will fail. 



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