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Reflect G2 30d Aluminum Coated Tarp

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Please note this are only taped on the center seam. you should water proof the top / side tie outs / sewing holes for 100 percent effectivness. 


The REFLECT G2 Series of tarps are were specifically designed by thinking a little outside of the normal box. I wanted a reflective tarp as there is no reason not too have one. It works just as well in the summer as the winter.

Made out of 30d Ripstop Nylon, this tarp has a hybrid coating of silicone, PU "impregnated polyurethane", and aluminized bottom coating that brings in a whole new level of tarp options and still keeps it well in the light to carry category. 

The REFLECT 100 G2 has 19 outside reinforced tie outs, 4 side tie outs and 1 interior tie out. Currently the REFLECT G2 comes in only one size witch is a 9'4*9'4 square tarp.  

The aluminized coated fabric enhances the thermal heating / cooling ability by either blocking radiant heat by reflecting it away from you in the summer time or capturing the radiant heat that is lost by you in the winter.

The REFLECT is designed to be a light weight innovative tarp that will keep you dry and cooler in the summer, or hotter in the winter. 

The REFLECT has many functions. A few are listed below. 

  • As a traditional tarp  
  • As a improvised thermal BIVVY 
  • Ground tarp shelters "dozens of possible configurations"
  • Super shelter
  • Ground cover
  • Hammock cover
Easy to pack and very light.

Sizes and weights 

9'4*9'4” Square Tarp (284.5*284.5cm)
Packed weight: 1.85lb (840g) with six ground stakes, rope, accessories and sack
Individual weights: Tarp:1.5lb (682g), Storage sack 0.63oz (18g) ground stakes, rope, 4.94oz (140g)
Packed Size: 11"*5" (28*12.5cm)

Note: The REFLECT is NOT fire proof and Nylon is flammable. Always exercise extreme caution when using near any open flame or ignition source.

Videos of reflective tarp with FLIR camera and the reflective properties


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