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Manufactuing error, cosmetic defects and close out items will be displayed here. 

NOTE: all products of any grade are functional. 

Tyvek Bivvy Grades: 
Grade 1 - Refers to nearly fully retail ready however there is some minor defects. Slight inconsistencies in the aluminized coating on a small portion of the bivvy.   

Grade 2 - Refers to inconsistencies in the aluminized coating in some spots i.e. thinner when it was sprayed. Grade 2 affects a larger area than the Grade 1 bivvys. this can affect some degree of water resistance and is minimally impactful on the radiant heating quality. 

NOTE: If water resistance is of high importance, you can use a spray on water proofing spray. However, this will also affect the breathability of the Tyvek material. I would suggest only spot spraying if it's a problem. 

Tarp Grades:
Grade 1 - Refers to possible tieout off center, a few pin sewing holes not taped. 

Grade 2 - Refers to possible combination of print errors, camo or color is not perfect. tieout slightly off center, a few pin sewing holes. 

Trifecta HT Grades:
Grade 2 - Refers to rip in the tyvek inner layer that has been taped. This is a bonded material, so this did not affect the outside layer.  

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