First review of the Trifecta!

September 22, 2015

Check out this review from RevHiker!


The Trifecta is getting alot of positive comments and some questions about the material. I added the technical specifications of the 1460C Tyvek below.

Tyvek® UV-Protected Soft Structure Style 1460C Features

  • Fabric-like
  • Flexible
  • UV protection - Blocks 98% UV rays
  • Tear resistant
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Water resistant and breathable
  • Recyclable
  • Washable - PDF

Technical Specifications for Tyvek® UV Soft Structure Style 1460C

Strength Testing Method Average Value
Tensile Strength Grab Tensile (ASTM D1682)c 30/40 lbf. MD/CD
Bursting Strength Mullen Burst (ASTM D774) 85 psi
Tear Resistance Trap Tear (ASTM D1117) 9/6 lbf. MD/CD
Filtration Pore Size (ASTM F-316) 2-15 microns
Water Resistance Hydrostatic Head (AATCC 127) >50 inches without penetration
Basis Weight ASTM D-1777 1.74 oz/yd2
Thickness TAPPI T-410 >6.6 mils
Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E-96 Method B >800 g/m2 24 hours
UV Natural Exposure @700 Mi/m² (2 years extreme worst case exposure) Maintains approximately 50% of tensile strength

MD = Machine Direction, CD = Cross Direction

Flammability: Clean untreated Tyvek® shrinks away from the heat of an open flame without igniting. It will begin to shrink at 244°F (118°C) or melt until 275°F (135°C). Its auto-ignition temperature is 650°F (343°C) Inquiries about the flammability of specific styles and their applications should be directed to a DuPont representative.