January 26, 2016

3Cr13 and 8Cr13 steel used in the Knifes and Shovel that I offer

This is a good article about the different steel used in the the Li'Jo Shovel and the Knife's that I offer on my site. I've have had a fair amount of questions about the steel used in my products and I felt this article should address allot of them. There is many other sites that talk about these steels. 

The Li'Jo Shovel uses 3CrMOV steel in it's blade
The camping knife uses 2Cr steel in the accessories ie. spoon / fork  and 3CrMOV for the blade
The 7 function knife uses 8Cr14MOV steel

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October 08, 2015

FLIR Test of the TRIFECTA!

FLIR Test of the TRIFECTA!

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September 22, 2015

First review of the Trifecta!

Check out this review from RevHiker!


The Trifecta is getting alot of positive comments and some questions about the material. I added the technical specifications of the 1460C Tyvek below.

Tyvek® UV-Protected Soft Structure Style 1460C Features

  • Fabric-like
  • Flexible
  • UV protection - Blocks 98% UV rays
  • Tear resistant
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Water resistant and breathable
  • Recyclable
  • Washable - PDF

Technical Specifications for Tyvek® UV Soft Structure Style 1460C

Strength Testing Method Average Value
Tensile Strength Grab Tensile (ASTM D1682)c 30/40 lbf. MD/CD
Bursting Strength Mullen Burst (ASTM D774) 85 psi
Tear Resistance Trap Tear (ASTM D1117) 9/6 lbf. MD/CD
Filtration Pore Size (ASTM F-316) 2-15 microns
Water Resistance Hydrostatic Head (AATCC 127) >50 inches without penetration
Basis Weight ASTM D-1777 1.74 oz/yd2
Thickness TAPPI T-410 >6.6 mils
Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E-96 Method B >800 g/m2 24 hours
UV Natural Exposure @700 Mi/m² (2 years extreme worst case exposure) Maintains approximately 50% of tensile strength

MD = Machine Direction, CD = Cross Direction

Flammability: Clean untreated Tyvek® shrinks away from the heat of an open flame without igniting. It will begin to shrink at 244°F (118°C) or melt until 275°F (135°C). Its auto-ignition temperature is 650°F (343°C) Inquiries about the flammability of specific styles and their applications should be directed to a DuPont representative.


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September 09, 2015

Store is OPEN!

Going live with our first product, the Trifecta!

I'm very excited to offer the Trifecta. It fills a need and is smart with it's multipurpose functionality.

Please stay tune for more products in the near future.


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