Trifecta Connection Kit - will work with the V1, V2 or V3 Trifectas

$ 30.00

The  TRIFECTA connection kit will allow multiple V1, V2 or V3 Trifectas of the same version to be connected together. "NOTE: the V2 and V3 variants should also work together"  This will allow you to make a larger canopy, a XL BIVVY or even connect the Trifecta is such a way to make unique configurations that normally would not be possible.

The TRIFECTA connection kit consists of 4 removable zipper connectors or slides and custom color coded pulls with an simple diagram on how to install the connectors.  

Why are four connectors needed? The reason is that he Trifectas, any model V1, V2 or V3 has a zipper that is sewn in at the spine. When the Trifecta is opened up there are two separate zippers tracks. When connecting two Trifectas together there must be a stop and a slider on each of the zipper tracks. One of the Connectors acts as a stop and the other as a zipper.

Be aware that you can zip or unzip either or both TRIFECTA connectors on a single track. They act like a dual zipper.

Please take a look at the pictures below as I believe they will help with explanation. The Trifectas are represented in Green with small squares as the nine tie out points. The Red circles represent the TRIFECTA connectors needed for a particular configuration. The light blue line represents the area where the connectors will zip or unzip in a particular configuration.

These connectors will also work on any zipper that is similar in size, for example a tent zipper.  

The TRIFECTA Connection Kit has many uses. A few are listed below. 

  • Connect two Trifectas together to make an XXL BIVVY 
  • Connect two Trifectas together to make a larger Canopy or shelter
  • Emergency zipper repair for Trifecta or other Item with a similar zipper size like a jacket, tent etc.

Easy to pack and very light. This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

70.8*87.7” (180*223cm) XXL BIVVY (2 Trifectas and Connection Kit required)

141.6*87.7” (360*223cm) Connected Canopy  (2 Trifectas and Connection Kit required)

Many other configurations possible but not listed here.

weight TBD.38 oz (11g each)  total of 44g

How to install

Note: The TRIFECTA connection kit is easy to use, but it may take a few times to master it. Please practice with connecting your Trifectas a few times before trying it in the cold or at night. We have partnered with Fix N Zip to provide this wonderful slide that offers so many options to connect the Trifectas.


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