thérmē hybrid sleeping bag / Underquilt

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The thérmē hybrid sleeping bag was designed around some key principles: I wanted it to be multi-use, innovative, and of sound, practical design.

This innovative system is indicative of its name thérmē (Greek for “heat”). I wanted a lightweight bag that was also thermally efficient. I accomplished this with a system of hybrid insulation, combining high-quality down with an fully integrated and breathable reflective layer. "Patent Pending"  It effectively keeps out wind and cold, conserving heat by reflecting infrared radiation given off by the occupant and containing other heat loss in the baffled down fill. This combination keeps you very warm.

The thérmē is flexible in other ways as well. It quickly converts from an envelope-style bag to a mummy-style using four built-in side loops, doubling the insulation around feet and legs. This conversion is perfect for smaller individuals or people who prefer more warmth in the lower section. Unlike other down bags, the thérmē also has a built-in safety factor: The integrated reflective layer is unaffected by moisture and reflects body heat even when wet.

The thérmē also incorporates a few unique features, The down hood is removable that can be snapped into the sleeping bag, used alone or used as a down hat.  Each end of the bag has a draw string to cinch the bag around a hammock in the under quilt configuration or it can even be used as a hammock pod system that will be able to fully zip. It also has two built in shock cords for the hammock configurations that can be removed if not needed. Lastly with the reflective layer throughout the whole bag, this will add more protection from ground and enhance your sleeping pad capability

Configurations of the thérmē hybrid sleeping bag:
* Alone as a single sleeping bag
* Two zipped together for a two-person sleeping bag 
* Open flat for a down blanket or comforter
* Hammock underquilt
* Cinched closed for a hammock pod

Detailed specifications:
Outer shell: Water-resistant 380T 20-denier nylon (900mm hydrostatic).
Inner lining: Breathable water-resistant 380T 20-denier nylon.
Insulation: Hybrid 26oz (737g) pure duck down, with integrated thermal reflective layer.
Hood: Detachable, down-lined.
Baffle: 4.75" (12cm) box-stitched (see below).
Size (closed): 78.74" x 33.5" (200cm x 85cm), not including hood.
Size (flat): 78.74" x 66.9" (200cm x 170cm), not including hood.
Packed weight: 3.19lb (1450g) with hood, accessories, sack
Individual weights: Hood:.4.oz (115g), Bag:2.8lb (1270g), Storage sack 2.3oz (65g)

Hammock suspension is removable for a weight savings of 1.9oz (55g)

Packed size: 9" x 8" (22.8cm x 20cm).
Nylon stuff sack with zipper pocket included.
Temperature rating: Extreme Lower limit estimated -15°F,  Lower Limit (men)  ~0°F, Comfort (women) ~10°F, Upper Limit 30°F.  Formal [EN13537]( testing and rating to be completed shortly.

Baffle construction:
The thérmē is box-stitched and doesn’t use a conventional [baffle-box design] Understanding Baffle Construction , for several reasons. First, the hybrid integrated insulation means the down loft is less critical overall. Second, box-stitching lowers manufacturing costs while maintaining equivalent performance. Thirdly, box-stitching lowers weight by avoiding the extra material required to support the sidewalls.

Usage tips:
My personal recommendation for the thérmē would be to unsnap the hood from the bag and wear it, then tighten the thick down air baffle around your upper shoulders and hood. This worked best for me.



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