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Li'Jo Shovel

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I will back this shovel with a money back guarantee if it fails by.

  • chopping wood "locked in the short position" 
  • normal shoveling & prying up earth as any shovel is meant to be used for.
    • This shovel was not meant to be used as a pry bar that will not be covered. 
    • This shovel was not meant to chop in the extended position it will fail. 

The Li'Jo Shovel is made out of thicker material to hold up to about anything. One side of the shovel head has a blunt side so you can use it to split wood or other uses. The other side has a sharpened edge. This shovel is designed to take abuse.

The head of the shovel is constructed of 3cr13MOV steel with an oxidation hardness treatment. The handle is aircraft aluminum.

The handle will extend to 70cm from 52cm from point to end.

  • Compass at end of handle
  • Handle tube is hollow to store other items
  • 3 position blade, folded, 90 degrees, 180 degrees or open
  • Shovel head is 2.5mm for greater durability
  • Hex wrench on shovel head

13.25" (33.65cm) folded closed position

20.75” (52.70cm) short, open position

27.55” (70cm) extended, open position

weight 33.1oz (940g) without sheath

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