Trifecta Survey

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Answers to some of the Survey Questions
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Q. Netting near the head area to keep critters out 
A. I am thinking about selling a netting kit that would be easily installed and at a reasonable price.

Also the Trifecta can be zipped fully without issues. I've tested this for over 6 hours outdoors monitoring CO2 level and O2 level every 15 seconds there is no issues for a healthy individual. the CO2 level was about 2200 ppm and that is well below OSHA levels of 5000 ppm , Critical levels around around 30,000 ppm.

Q. Incorporate a hood and or drawstring  
A. I would have to redesign the Trifecta and I'm afraid the zipper might be in the way around the face. Still thinking on this. 

Q. Offer the Trifecta in Multicam, Mountain camo or other camo colors
A. This material is printed native color of the material is white and any other color goes through a printing process, currently there is a pattern available for camo but this would increase the price some what significantly. 

Q. Dual two way zippers to use two around my hammock 
A.You can use the Trifecta connection kit to connect the Trifectas. Takes a little practice but they work well. If you use one Trifecta as a pod around your hammock you can use just two connection kit connectors to zip the open end that would be above your face if looking up from your hammock.

Q. Lower the weight but maintain water resistant zippers. 
A. Tough one. The water resistant zippers are a bit heavy. I think the only way to lower the weight would be to not tape the zipper edge and remove the tie outs and there reinforcements. 

Q. Make a smaller version for younger campers 
A. This could be done without much issue. I would personally just shorten it. 

Q. Make a Black or Ninja color one
A. That would be cool. I don't know if this will be possible unless I get a mass order for the Black. 

Q. Add shock cord / webbing loops instead of D rings
A. I have looked into this. I wanted shock cord with a pound rating of about 25 to 30 pounds before fully stretching out. I did find that shock cord but overall it might add some weight to the Trifecta. It is bulky as well. Still looking into this. 

Q. Heavier reinforced tie outs 
A. This is a tough one. I think it would be a possible redesigned on the tie outs to make it somewhat stronger but the body of the material is only so strong so if the tie outs don't give the body of the material will. 

Q. Larger version or double sized
A. I am considering this, but at this size it will most likely be near double in price 

Q. A lighter weight to use under a shelter to save ounces like the V1. 
A. I am considering this, If I do it ,  It will be similar to the V1 with the grommets tie outs but will add a storm flap and tape the one long seam in the main body of the Trifecta

Q. Make a Bright version like Blaze Orange 
A. This is on the list of to Do's Unfortunately it is very costly to change colors as it requires a large run of product. This will happen in the near future.