HTR Gaiters - Hybrid Textile Reflective Gaiters

$ 40.00

The HTR Gaiters "Hybrid Textile Reflective" Gaiters.  

The HTR Gaiters was designed to compliment the current, future B.O.B., any Poncho or users in the wet, snowy back country. The HTR Gaiters will help keep you dry and warm. These are best used with hiking shoes or boots. 

Made out of a hybrid blend of Nylon and reflective spun bonded olefin ultra-soft material that blocks 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, is very tear resistant and water resistant. 

I developed this material for two reasons. The first was to find a way to incorporate camo pattern that still had the wonderful properties of spun bonded olefin. The second reason was simply to make it tougher. This is a proprietary material that is made specifically for 2GoSystems.

The HTR Gaiters is designed to be light weight, functional, warm and durable. 
This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

The HTR Gaiters have a 9" long reflective surface of the 17.5" total length that will encapsulate your lower legs to help keep them warm. The Gaiters include a POM buckle and strap to tighten on the upper half to your leg and a lower POM buckle and strap to hold the bottom portion onto your boot. There is also a lace hook that attaches to your boot laces.  

The HTR Gators are unisex and one size fits all. Supports up to a 17.75" or 45cm calf circumference 

20.5*17.5”   (52*44.5cm) fully open

weight 4.87 oz (138g) pair

UPDATE Feb 20th: The buckle on the Gaiters was a bit too low and could ride under the foot. There is a video critiquing of this issue.  I have addressed this and the buckle is about 1" higher and will no longer causes issues. 

Step 1 of using the lower strap and buckle, red line indicates direction.    

Step 2 of using the lower strap and buckle, red line indicates direction.    

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