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The ARC is a replacement for the VELAR UL Bivvy. This is a huge upgrade from the VELAR.

I designed the ARC to be able to be fully zipped like the SING or TRIFECTA but also incorporated a screen like the VELAR. The ARC is largest in length of any of the bivvys in my lineup. Effectively 240cm x 100cm, 230+10cm by 90+10cm,  bathtub floor is 5cm on each side. This is a screened bivvy, designed to be light, flexible and roomy for the minimalist.  

Made out of Tyvek 1460C or "spunbonded Olefin" ultra-soft material that blocks 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, is tear resistant, water resistant, and breathable. Its high durability to weight ratio makes it the perfect material for the ARC.

Keeping with the popularity of the Trifecta, the ARC has the same water resistant zipper with two double pulls for the 130cm entrance and a single pull zipper for the screen area and upgraded specialized thread to help with water proofing. The zipper runs down the side for easy access. The screen is incorporated into the main body of the bivvy for bug free venting. Each corner of the bivvy has a stake down point to keep the bivvy on the ground. Please see the stake / tieout WARNING at the bottom of this page. Lastly the inside has an aluminum coating to reflect back the radiant heat given off by one's body.

The ARC BIVVY is designed to be light weight, portable and to help keep you warmer and dryer.

With the ARC you can use it in the following ways. 

  • Alone as a thermal sleeping bag 
  • As a thermal BIVVY with a light sleeping bag, pad
  • Emergency shelter  

Easy to pack and very light. This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

90*230cm BIVVY 
100*240cm including bathtub sidewalls
5cm bathtub sidewall on all sides
9.5*4.0" (24*10cm) Packed
Weight 18.9 oz (536g) 

The temp rating on the ARC can be subjective and ranging depending if your using it all the way zipped up, your body type etc., I have continually gained 18 degrees Fahrenheit from the outside ambient air temperature, in my test the ARC was mostly zipped closed in temperatures ranging from 0f to 50f. For example, if it's 45f outside then inside the Trifecta it should be about 63f. These numbers are for reference only. 

Note:  Tenacious tape or a similar products can be useful for repair. 

WARNING: The ARC tie-outs should be used with shock cords if used. These tie-outs are reinforced but will still rip the main body of the material with about 40 to 50 lbs of force. This is the materials maximum limit. 

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