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v3 B.O.B. Zip Poncho "Breathable Outdoor Basics" (Green)

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NOTE: Head Circumference over 29" will be a tight fit "depending on shape" , please see below chart on how to measure.  


NOTE: Pictured hybrid blanket not included, for reference only. 

Combo deal: Order a Zip Poncho and add a hybrid blanket and get 25% off of any hybrid blankets when purchased with a Zip Poncho. 

Made out of Tyvek 1460C or "spunbonded Olefin" ultra soft material that blocks 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, is tear resistant, water resistant, and breathable. Its high durability to weight ratio makes it a great choice for the v3 B.O.B. Zip Poncho. 

The v3 B.O.B. Zip Poncho is another unique design that I developed that incorporates zippers instead of snaps, it has all of the elements from the tried and true rectangular poncho and more. With the zippers and the size of this poncho allows you to do a few unique things that others cannot. It allows you to zip up the sides to create an highly water resistant poncho, or zip up the sides and pull in your arms to hunker down in cold weather, you could use the poncho as an reflective shelter, use it as a hammock under quilt, you can also snap in the 2GoSystems Hybrid field blanket and that would create a 33" wide single improvised bivvy bag, or if you have two v3 B.O.B. Zip ponchos and the Hybrid Field blankets you could zip two together and create a 66" wide improvised bivvy, use like a quilt on top of a sleeping pad.  There is tons of options. 

The v3 B.O.B. Zip Poncho is designed to be light weight, breathable, portable and will keep you dry in the rainiest weather. It is flexible as It can be used as a poncho, ground sheet, bivvy, Hammock under quilt, emergency shelter or may others not listed here. 


  • Draw string hood 
  • Water resistant zippers on each side
  • Total of 14 tie out points, six  webbing with grommets in each corner and center. The other eight are internal tie out loops / hybrid blanket attachment points located along each edge.  
  • Zip collar with Velcro weather flap for added protection
  • All seams taped and sealed
  • Storage bag
  • Green outer color, reflective inside coating that can be used for singling or to use as a reflective shelter from the sun
  • Redesigned hood, head hole diameter is now up to 30" when unzipped, can accommodate wearing a baseball cap

When the wearing the poncho, the zippers will zip from the bottom up and you would adjust as necessary for the arm holes or close off completely if hunkering down. 

When laying the Zip poncho out in bivvy mode or zipping to a second Zip bivvy you would zip from each end towards the center, the zipper pulls will closely meet in the middle.  Please look at the pictures below. 

Easy to pack and very light. This is a must for any Emergency or Backpacking kit.

66*96” (167.6*243.8cm) Laid out flat / tarp

66*48” (167.6*121.9cm) Poncho 

8*5.5*2.5*” (20.3*13.9*6.35cm) Packed approx., depending on how it is packed.

weight 14.7oz (417g) with storage sack


NOTE: The B.O.B. Poncho is partly designed around the rectangular military design. It is not a replica and if you are looking for a replica of the Military Poncho to pair up with your old Military Poncho, this is not it.  


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