International Shipping

October 31, 2015

International Shipping

5/10/2016 - Change to International Shipping. I was offering DHL for 17.USD that was well below the standard rate and I had to usually pay extra or subsidize the remaining balance, usually about 8 to 10 dollars. This year rates have sky rocketed and DHL shipping is running on average of 38 - 45 USD to nearly everywhere. I can't absorb that much of a loss on each international order. 

I added the USPS international rate for 20. USD I would say this usually cost from 22. to 30 USD and I am willing to cover that to help soften the blow of high shipping rates. 

Lastly I do not make any money on shipping and I deplore the task of such. 


International Shipping is a challenge for any company and it can be hard on your wallet. 2GoSystems realizes this, we are trying to minimize the impact to out International customers and yet provide a fast and effective way to get our product to you.

Shipping Providers:

Currently there is only a few options available to me for International shipping.

1. USPS - First Class, this isn't always the most reliable method and it can be slow. Tracing is ok.

2. USPS - International Priority, much better in reliability, but still will take up to 2 weeks for deliveries and is very expensive. Tracing is good.

3. Lastly, I've decided to use DHL for my international shipments as they are very fast, a few days once the package is picked up by DHL, very reliable and great tractability.


I've decided to set a standard price range from 35. USD for International shipments, this will be shipped by DHL "stipulations do apply" Also I have added USPS - First Class for a price of 20. USD 


I reserve the right to cancel or ask for shipping adjustment if the shipping cost is cost prohibitive due to remote / high cost shipping locations. In this case, I will inform the customer, adjust shipping cost or refund the order.

 VAT Tax / Import Fees:

On all International orders you will be responsible to pay any VAT tax or Import fees








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